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American Gods 0

American Gods S01E01

I haven’t read the book, which probably explains why I hated this so much. Throwing stylised imagery, slow-mo bloody violence and sex at a viewer will only get you so...

Better Call Saul 0

Better Call Saul S03E02

Spoiler Warning… When Mike spends most of the night tracking the guy that’s been tracking him and the camera pans up to reveal that his search has led him to...

24 Legacy 0

24: Legacy – Episode 1

I’m one of those people who just couldn’t see 24 continuing without Jack Bauer. When news broke of this new season, 24: Legacy, and confirmation came that Kiefer Sutherland wasn’t...

A Series of Unfortunate Events 0

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The latest adaptation of the thirteen books comprising ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ makes its way onto Netflix, the last being the 2004 film starring Jim Carrey. I haven’t read...

The OA 0

The OA

I finally got the chance to watch the final two episodes of The OA yesterday. After its Netflix debut on December 16, and following only a brief mysterious trailer the...

Black Mirror San Junipero 0

Black Mirror S03E04

It’s 1987, and we’re in San Junipero – a party town on a Saturday night. A convertible pulls up to a fast food joint with Belinda Carlisle’s ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ playing on the stereo.

Black Mirror Shut Up And Dance 0

Black Mirror S03E03

If you’ve ever been the subject of some kind of identity or credit card data theft, you’ll know the scary sickening feeling that accompanies the discovery and the hassle of trying to put everything right.

King Ezekiel 0

The Walking Dead S07E02

A sharp tonal shift from the continuous onslaught of terror and gut wrenching heartbreak in last weeks episode. This week, Carol and Morgan find themselves at The Kingdom, another idyllic...

Black Mirror Playtest 0

Black Mirror S03E02 – Playtest

Another brilliant episode of Black Mirror – an augmented reality horror story, just in time for Halloween! Cooper is a young American man, backpacking his way around the world and...

Nosedive 2

Black Mirror S03E01 – Nosedive

OK, so with the list of TV shows I still need to finish watching growing every day, I was trying to put off watching the new season of Black Mirror....